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Foundation Subjects

Design and Technology

Pupils complete one Design and Technology unit each term during their time at this school. There is a different focus each term, be it structures, textiles, electrical systems, mechanical systems or food.  They will design and make a product of some sort every term.  Since the introduction of the new national curriculum in 2014, there has been an increased focus on food, therefore every year group studies a food unit at some time during the year.  For example, year 3 learn how to bake bread, year 4 focus on growing their own food, year 5 look at food dishes from around the world and year 6 learn about the seasonality of food.  

Information Technology

Pupils are taught to become familiar with computers and including use of keyboards, entering, storing and retrieving information. Computers are linked with other subjects and are used as a means of expressing a variety of messages and ideas. Miss Munro is IT co-ordinator. We have an IT suite as well as six computers in each classroom enabling children to access IT throughout the day.


In history children study important episodes in Britain’s past from Romans to modern times. They learn to understand chronology and study local history. They learn to interpret and enquire about the past and develop ways to express their understanding.


Pupils learn appropriate geographical skills e.g. using correct vocabulary, undertake fieldwork, make and study plans and maps and use appropriate evidence. They study aspects of places, rivers, weather, human settlements and environmental change.


Throughout their work, pupils are taught the use of pattern and texture, how colour is applied and experienced, about line and tone and how shape, form and space are presented. They are introduced to the work of various artists. They use materials, tools and techniques to express themselves artistically.


Pupils are taught to perform and compose music and to listen to and appreciate music. This includes enjoying the work of different styles of music and composers. All children sing daily and many pupils learn recorder, woodwind, brass, violin, guitar and keyboard. We have a full house for our end of term musicals. We have a marvellous school choir and very popular recorder groups. The school choir gained the highest marks for their performances in the 2008 Wensleydale Tournament of Song and again highest points for a small school in 2009 and 2012.


Pupils play a variety of games and thereby gain a repertoire of skills, e.g. striking and fielding, attacking and defending and games using nets. They enjoy gymnastic activities, dance, athletics, swimming and out-door activities. Basketball posts were erected using lottery funding.


In addition children study Christianity and tow other world religions in details – Hinduism and Islam. In their exploration of religion they study the language of faith and belief, study symbols and artefacts and places of worship. As well as religious education lessons in class children enjoy collective worship every morning. If you wish to withdraw your child please contact the Headteacher.

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